Some benefits and safety tips usage of the belt sanders


The sanders can be of different types where all have got some specific uses for specific projects. The belt sander is the most common type which is used for a variety of purposes and it could do the job just as you would like it to do. If you have a quality product in hand, then the quality of the end results are dependent on that how efficiently you make use of the machine. It is therefore important to pay attention to the advice of all the professional and experienced users. Further, also read all the related content about the belt sander to know about all its performance issues, benefits and the safety concerns.

Benefits of using a belt sander:

The following are the significant benefits of using a belt sander:

  • The small belt sanders sometimes can be the most useful and the most powerful ones. The small ones are found to be excellent for scribing. You can do this by sneaking up on some curved line in order to make a perfect fit. In case of a laminate countertop, you must make sure that the direction of the belt travel is such that it should be pushing the laminate downwards.
  • There are two types of belts used in the belt sanders namely, aluminum oxide and the zirconia belt. Both are effective, but the zirconia one is highly preferred for its aggressiveness in the variety of projects.
  • You can deploy the belt sanders for the purpose of the rough sharpening of the tools such as the chisels, shovels, axes and the knives. It’s a plus point and can be very helpful when you have a variety of tasks to work on while your sander is around you.
  • It is an excellent tool to remove off any supplementary residue over any kind of surface on which you are working on. You can clear out any debris, residues or leftovers that are stubborn on the surface and cannot be removed manually. You can make use of a sander to rub off the stubborn stick on easily and quickly.
  • Both the stationary and the portable types of belt sanders are quite easy to use and even the novice users would find themselves in the right direction just after a couple of training sessions using the product.
  • The belt sanders are found to be very aggressive, particularly with the zirconia belt. This helps users with some really fast action and results are produced in fairly quick time.

The safety tips regarding the use of belt sanders

The following is a list of some of the most useful safety tips, which every user of the tool must know and must follow:

  • Make sure that you always wear hearing protection while using this tool as it can be very loud. It will help you to concentrate more on your task and you would not be bothered due to the unpleasant noise if there is any.
  • A dusk mask should be used all the times as breathing the dust could be bad for your health.
  • For the purpose of your safety, it is advised to completely unplug the equipment if you are emptying the dust bag or changing the belt of the tool. This will ensure a safe action without any chances of unexpected situations or accidents.
  • If the equipment is used for the sanding metal, then sparks would be created which may catch fire if it gets mixed up with the sawdust present in the equipment. Therefore, blow out the dust using a vacuum and also remove and empty the dust bag. This will help to achieve a fine and consistent sanding on the surface without any hindrance.
  • Make sure always that the trigger of the equipment is always off before you plug in the power cord for using it. In case you forget to check that, it would be a sudden start for you and may result in an unexpected action on the surface that may not be desirable.

It’s better to know the sander deeply when you are going to buy one or already have one with you. It’s a beneficial tool to help you out in various tasks mentioned above and also would be an asset for you if you know how to work with it effectively and safely.

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