Preparing for your wood for sanding, using a belt sander


In order to prepare for the wood for sanding or rather for setting up the environment for such a project using the belt sander, a number of things need to be done for ensuring the quality of the project. If you are reluctant to follow the standard procedure, then you might end up completing the project too, but the quality would be sacrificed and there could be several safety hazards too that you will be dealing with. You need to be sure about certain things which we will discuss in the next sections to follow from here.

  • Location:

The location for working on your wood project should be chosen such that it must not be a busy one. The fingers of your kids or the paws of your pets can leave some significant print on the final product which might not give it the finishing that you want. So beware of all such issues and choose a lonely and peaceful location for the project. Furthermore, you must also avoid that type of areas which are subject to too much of the dust. The location ideally should be such that the components of your project could remain there undisturbed and the finish of your project at each of the stage dries.

  • Temperature and the humidity issues:

The people working with the good belt sanders on different wooden projects must know that the finishing products are very much dependent on the evaporation during the process of drying. According to the science, the low air temperatures and having a high relative humidity actually considerably slows down the evaporation process. Furthermore, it would also increase the duration of the time when your finished wooden project would remain tacky.

It is highly suggested to all the users that before the start their wooden project, it must be assured that the temperature in the project room would be maintained well above the 65 degree Fahrenheit. On the other side, the level of humidity should be kept around 50 percent during both the application and also throughout the drying process. If these determinants are met then you will find easier to use your belt sander and the final product will be much closer to your expectations.

  • Ventilation:

The people using the belt sanders for various wood related projects must know about the importance of ventilation. It is critically important during both the evaporation and the drying process. It could be easily understood by knowing that the finished wood product does emit some fumes which are required to be dispersed. If you are working somewhere indoors then you would need to have a 2-fan system for the ventilation. One will be used for drawing fresh air into the room while the other one would blow out all the fumes out of the room. Just relying on ventilation through the windows wouldn’t do the job at all. It is a mandatory requirement and you must do it accordingly as suggested.

  • The working condition of the sander

Though mentioned here in the last, but it should be considered as the most important step. You should check the whole set up comparing it to your needs and requirements of the task to be done.

Check for the connection which should be perfect and fixed properly, the conditions of the belt in the sander and also check if the sander fulfills the power needs according to your task. Take a trial by turning the sander on once and check if it’s ready to work as expected. Make sure you adjust all settings to the level you need, including the speed and force applies to sand the surface being treated.

Checking all these set up essential will help a user to accomplish the sanding goals effectively. Ensuring that you have placed the sander at an appropriate place with sufficient ventilation, would help you work more efficiently without getting fatigued or strained. Proper placement and smooth working environment are the key to work like a pro. You should be aware of working with the wood based sanding task and the possible outcomes while working. But, it’s not a hard task to set up the whole sanding work if you know how to take care of all important aspects carefully.

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