Quality factors need to be ensured using a belt sander

A lot of people with not much experience with the belt sanders find out the end results to be not much lucrative as they might have liked. It could be because of some simple reasons which they overlook or don’t know the real importance. The professional users are always thinking out of the box and they consider all the associated quality factors that could affect the integrity and the quality of the project by any mean. It is not just about the quality or effective use of the durable belt sander but a lot of other things should also be ensured which influences the end result of big time.

Taking care of each and every step would let to finish up the work accurately in a refined way.

Inspecting your wood project:

  • The inspection of your wood project could be done by making a thorough check of all the components of the project. Make sure that you make note of all the cracks, holes, splits or any of the loose joints. If you find any then they must be repaired. They always have the highest priority of treating before any other thing and must be considered prior to the finishing, sanding or staining of your wood related project.
  • By carrying out a careful inspection, you will be able to sort out all the flaws and cracks easily. Knowing, where you need to treat the wood will help you improve the end result dramatically as it would provide a finer look and a clear surface.

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Filling of the holes and the cracks:

  • The holes and the cracks are a norm to experience during any of the wood related projects. The thing that matters the most is that you identify those issues and address them accordingly at the right time. The small cracks or the holes created in different parts of the wood could be treated by using the wood filler material. Make sure that you don’t smear the filling a lot around the wood as that will increase your task when using the belt sander for smoothing of the surface. Instead, you could make use of the tip of the screwdriver which will carefully insert the filling right into the open crack or hole. Make sure that you mount it slightly as there must be some room to accommodate the shrinkage of the filling as it dries.
  • Filling of a wooden piece is crucial and it has to be carefully applied, keeping in mind that there would be shrinkage of the wooden piece.

Using the belt sander effectively:

  • Sanding is the most crucial step towards giving finishing touches to your wood project. It smoothes out all the possible filling that you applied for the purpose of treating the holes and the cracks in the wood. Sanding is important to make the surface smooth and free of any debris left behind due to the fillings applied on the surface and cracks.
  • It also helps in removing any of the nicks and scratches that could be seen on the surface of the wood. Apart from this, it also opens all the pores of the wood for the purpose of accepting the stain over the surface. Then, it removes any possible glaze over the surface which might be created due to the heat produced by the planer blades while they make contact with the resins in the wood.
  • It’s better to use the sander in an accurate angle that covers and smooths out all the bumps and debris in a way that there is no flaw left on it. The speed and the angle matters a lot to get the perfect results.

Test, test and test again:

  • Wood is a kind of very unpredictable material. Make sure that you first try any kind of technique, product or material before implementing it fully in the project. It is just the quality and performance of the belt sander that you are sure about and its effectiveness is dependent on that how effectively you have performed the prior steps.
  • At the end, the fine finish and clean and clear surface would tell you what has been done and where the fault lies, if you have left any. If you have taken all steps carefully, then the results would depict it for sure.



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